How myCards Works

Send personalised cards to friends and family in South Africa with myCards. Guaranteed to arrive in 4 days, our service is reliable, quick and simple.

Design your card on our website, pay online and leave the rest to us. We will print your creation in South Africa and make sure it arrives at its destination quicker than the postal service.

myCards send cards with private couriers and every creation has a personal tracking number to ensure prompt arrival. With our courier tracking service, cards won’t get lost and are guaranteed to arrive in South Africa’s major cities within 4 days.

Send birthday and christmas cards to south africaKelly, our myCards elephant, will make sure your card is not late. Kelly says,
“Send your card from myCards and our private couriers will guarantee delivery to South Africa’s major cities in 4 days or less. Elephants never forget!”

Our range of cards can be personalised and edited to suit your needs. By adding messages and personal pictures, myCards offer an individual and thoughtful service that regular cards cannot rival. Furthermore, our range includes a variety of themes so we’re sure to have something for every occasion.

Take the hassle out of sending cards to South Africa with myCards.