Track Your Order

When you’ve finished designing your personalised greetings cards and calendars with myCards, you can track your order and follow its progress with our courier.



myCards deliver exclusively via courier to ensure each delivery is completed and to give our customers peace of mind.

When you place your order, we print your card or calendar in South Africa and send it via courier to its destination. When your creation leaves myCards headquarters, our courier service assign each delivery with a unique code which can be used to track its progress.MyCards- South Africa Valentine's Cards

Kelly, our myCards elephant, will make sure your card is not late. Kelly says,
“Send your card from myCards and our private couriers will guarantee delivery to South Africa’s major cities in 4 days or less. Elephants never forget!”

Reassuring customers that myCards is reliable is part of our ethos. We want customers to depend on us to deliver their important creations on time. After all, what use is a birthday card if it’s delivered after the special day?

We aim to deliver your cards, calendars and gifts as quickly as possible and therefore guarantee delivery to South Africa’s major cities within 4 days.

Yes, that’s right, 4 days!