About Us

The myCards philosophy is about creating personal, heartfelt cards that show you care. Our templates are quick and easy to use and we guarantee delivery to South Africa’s major cities in 4 days or less.

Having met in Warrington, England, myCards founders John and Sheila moved to Cape Town to start a family.

Since their move to South Africa, John and Sheila became aware that letters and parcels from family and friends were arriving late or not arriving at all. Birthday cards, Christmas greetings and holiday gifts were all lost or late having been sent via the South African Postal Service.

A pattern of lost mail and missed greetings led to an idea; how can you send cards to South Africa reliably? This conundrum blossomed into myCards, a service that uses couriers and tracking numbers to guarantee quick delivery.

Cards to South AfricaKelly, our myCards elephant, never forgets your card. Kelly says,
“Every card is tracked and delivered by a courier. You’ll never lose a birthday or Christmas card again!”

Secure Payments

If you do not have an account with Paypal, you can still pay using your Visa or Mastercard credit cards.

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Please contact us if you feel we can improve our service.

Guaranteed Delivery

We only use trusted reliable private courier service to ensure your card arrives to your loved ones. Shipping is only £5.79 for any size of card.