Why Use mycards

myCards allow customers to send personalised cards to South Africa within 4 days or less. Add your own message and pictures to make an individual and thoughtful creation.

We pride ourselves on providing quick and reliable delivery of cards to South Africa’s major cities through the use of couriers.

The postal service in South Africa can be slow and unreliable, especially with deliveries from abroad. This service can take 2-3 weeks and has recently encountered backlogs due to staff strikes. Staff strikes are a regular threat and the Post Office are often unaccountable for missing letters and parcels.

Customers can use our templates to generate personalised cards quickly and depend on myCards to deliver their creations within 4 days.

Personalised Cards to South AfricaKelly, our myCards elephant, never forgets your cards. Kelly says,
“Use myCards to send personal messages that are guaranteed to arrive quickly. Our templates look great and your creations will arrive in 4 days or less.”