myCards Calendars

Did you know myCards also do calendars? Just like our cards, myCards calendars are customisable and can be delivered to South Africa’s major cities with 4 days.

Personalised calendars are a personal and heartfelt gift for friends and family in South Africa. Whether you want to send a calendar to a South African friend or you’re a South African expat sending a calendar back home, our calendars will not disappoint.

MyCards- send cards to South AfricaKelly, our myCards elephant, never forgets your calendars. Kelly says,
“Use myCards to send personal calendars that are guaranteed to arrive quickly. Our templates look great and your creations will arrive in 4 days or less.”

How it works:

Step 1: Design your calendar online

Step 2: We print your creation in South Africa

Step 3: Our courier delivers your calendar within 4 days (4 day delivery to major SA cities, other locations may take longer)

Step 4: The calendar recipient is delighted!

We deliver via courier to guarantee a prompt and reliable service. As such, we request the phone number of the calendar recipient to ensure delivery. We do not pass on contact details or addresses to third parties and promise to protect your identities.